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United by Future Places
Beyond the Obvious 2024

Malmö, Sweden 29 May - 1 June 2024

We are aware that conferences and large events have an environmental impact. We are conscious of the role we play as hosts and are trying to reduce our footprint! Join our efforts to make the United by Future Places gathering more environmentally friendly. Use public transport, walk (if possible) to the venues, bring from home  your reusable water bottles, mugs and headphones to use for interpretation. From the organisers’ end, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by minimising printed material and proposing local, vegetarian and vegan choices for the catering. We are keeping our digital footprint small by committing to in-person dialogue without use of livestreaming or video conferencing. 

United by Future Places: Locations


29 May

13:00-18:00 | Culture Action Europe Members’ Forum

Malmö City Library, entrance via Kung Oscars väg 11

18:30-21:00 | Reception and Mingle ​

Malmö Historical Town Hall, entrance via Stortorget

19:00 - late | Malmö Beyond the Obvious: culture emerges in unexpected places

Malmö University

30 May

09:00-12:00 | United by Future Places Conference 

​Orkanen Room D138, Malmö University

Entrance via Orkanen, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10

13:00-15:00 | Conversation Spaces 

​Multiple Venues

  1. Orkanen Library Room 1 - places of many

  2. Orkanen Library Room 2 - places and memories

  3. Orkanen Library Room 3 - caring places

  4. Super Room, Media City Evolution - commoning places

  5. Auditoriet, MINC - disruptive places

  6. Nyhamnen Ferry Terminal Outdoor Space, Hans Michelsensgatan 6 - places of change

15:30-late | Malmö Cultural Tours

​Multiple Venues

  1. Bike&Ride Garage, Malmö Central Station, Central plan 10 - Culture on Wheels: Bicycle Tour of Malmö 

  2. Entrance of Malmö’s Saluhall,  Gibraltargatan 6 - You Are What You Eat: Malmö’s Food Caravan

  3. Kirsebergs School court, Lundavägen 47 - The City as a Classroom: Kirseberg’s Young City Guides 

  4. Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmöhus Slott - From 1500 till Now: Malmö Art Museum 

  5. Turning Torso, Lilla Varvsgatan 14 - Searching for Skyline(s): Visit to Turning Torso

  6. Disgusting Food Museum, Södra Förstadsgatan 2 - A Matter of Taste: Visit to Disgusting Food Museum

  7. Skånes Universitetssjukhus, Inga Marie Nilssons gata 29 - Handling with Care: Heritage Planning and New Art in the Hospital Area

31 May

09:00-12:00​ | United by Future Places Conference 

​Slagthuset - Norra Hallen, entrance via Jörgen Kocksgatan 7

13:15-15:30 | Project Pitches & Future Labs

​Slagthuset - Norra Hallen & Separaten

15:30-18.00 | Malmö Workshop Visits 

​Multiple Venues

  1. Malmö University Orkanen Library, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10 - Malmö University: Libraries as social infrastructure 

  2. Hangaren, Ystadsgatan 53H - Graffiti Hangaren, Centre for Urban Art: Urban Art Hall of the future?

  3. Culture Noise Zone, Norbergsgatan 24 - NGBG Street Festival and Noise Zone, City of Malmö: Making some Noise!

  4. Södra Bulltoftavägen 51 - From Trains to Treasures: Lokstallarna’s Cultural Evolution

  5. Student Center, Neptuniplan 7 - Malmö University: Culture and creativity at the centre of sustainable urban development

  6. Garaget, Lönngatan 30 - Garaget Library, City of Malmö

  7. Jan Waldenströms gata 52, 214 28 Malmö - Region Skåne: Public Art in New Hospital Area

  8. Nyhamnen Ferry Terminal Outdoor Space, Hans Michelsensgatan 6 - Ny Hamnen Ferry Terminal, City of Malmö

  9. Malmö’s Culture Department, Baltzarsgatan 31 - Anti-Racist Monument, City of Malmö

  10. Malmö Culture School, Friisgatan 15B - Young City Guides, City of Malmö: the City as a Classroom

  11. TBC - My New Museum, Malmö Art Museum 

  12. Region Skåne Cultural Affairs Department, Dockplatsen 26 - Cross Innovation Southern Sweden, Region Skåne

  13. Malmö Konsthall, S:t Johannesgatan 7 - Event Horizon Malmö: Sneak-Peek at Vernissage for artist Koo Jeong A and Meeting with Malmö-based theatre company Kollaborativet

19:00-23.00 | Closing Mingle 

Slagthuset - Restaurant, entrance via Carlsgatan 12e 

21:00-23.00 | Cultural Programme, New Circus Surprise Show

Slagthuset - Restaurant, entrance via Carlsgatan 12e 

1 June

10:00-14:00 | ​Culture Action Europe Members’ Forum
Malmö City Library, entrance via Kung Oscars väg 11

Getting there


Reaching Malmö from Copenhagen is fast and easy. The distance between Copenhagen and Malmö is only 30 km. Remember to bring your passport and you’re good to go with one of these means of transportation.


Copenhagen to Malmö by train


Trains depart from København H (Copenhagen Central Station) every 20 minutes and the travel time is only 35 minutes to the centre of Malmö. You can also take a direct train to Malmö from Copenhagen Airport. You can get to Copenhagen Airport by both train and metro. Please note that border authorities carry out ID inspection at Copenhagen Airport for travelers going to or from Malmö (or elsewhere in Sweden). Tickets from the capital area to Southern Sweden are available for purchase at DSB Sales & Service within the capital area, 7-eleven stations or ticket machines.


Copenhagen to Malmö by bus


On Ingerslevsgade, right off Copenhagen Central Station, you’ll find buses like Flixbus taking you back and forth.

Stockholm to Malmö by train

Reaching Malmö from Stockholm takes more time,  but if you don't want to miss the opportunity to visit the charming capital of Sweden, you can rely on the Stockholm - Malmö railway route. For your 585 km journey in Sweden you can actually select from a few trains - Intercityhigh-speed or comfort night train. Depending on your chosen departure and train, you will reach your destination from 4,5 to 7 hours. You can book your ticket online in advance on this website.

Public Transportation in Malmö

For a city with just over 300,000 residents, Malmö feels surprisingly spread out. The historic centre is easy enough to explore on foot, but if you want to head to the beach, the Turning Torso or the up-and-coming area around Möllevångstorget, you’ll need to use public transport at least a couple of times. Alternatively you could rent a bike eithr at Fridhemscykel at Östra Rönneholmsvägen, or at Strömma just opposite the Central Station’s main entrance.


There are two kinds of public bus within Malmö. Green buses are for journeys within the city, while yellow buses take care of regional journeys to places like Helsingborg and Ystad. There are eight main city-centre bus lines – they’re colour-coded and provide a fast and reliable alternative to walking. You can check the details at the Skånetrafiken website, also available in English (click ‘translate’ in the top right-hand corner). You can download the Skånetrafiken app (available here), which you can link with your credit or debit card and use to buy single tickets when you need them.

Hotels in Malmö


If you plan to attend the conference Beyond The Obvious | United by Future Places in Malmö, we recommend reserving a room at one of these hotels:

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